<![CDATA[KippenHame Farms - Bogie Project]]>Sun, 12 May 2024 15:19:31 -0400Weebly<![CDATA[Dock]]>Fri, 19 Jul 2019 18:52:41 GMThttp://www.kippenhame.com/bogie-project/dockHugh was delighted when Mark volunteered/agreed to the awesome Father's Day gift of helping get the dock in the still very cold water. Having not done it before, this was a bit of a challenge but they were ultimately successfully in getting it placed in its new location at the side of the deck where access will be much easier with no steep stairs and steep ramp. After Mark warmed up from an extended period of time in the frigid water, they posed with Meg for this photo. The dock is barely visible behind them. Hugh is still trying to warm up and he was only in the water for a couple of minutes! And then Mark and Meg cooked us a yummy dinner to cap off a most productive and enjoyable Father's Day 2019. 
Ken, Michelle and the kids stopped by mid-afternoon for a quick visit en route to their cottage but I neglected to take any photos. The deck was awesome for all of us including 4 dogs, and the Popsicles.
The next week Hugh proceeded to construct additional sections of wooden walkway to access the dock. And he ultimately got the ladder back in position. We are very pleased with it!
We purchased a boat 2 years ago and have been enjoying it mainly at Ken and Michelle's cottage on Centennial Lake. It's been otherwise parked in our barn or yard at the farm.
After much research and expert advice Hugh concluded that we need a boat lift due to the high winds that can arise on Calabogie Lake. So then this arrived in our side yard.
On July 6th Hugh and Ken brought the boat to Calabogie with the intention of parking it in its trailer in our yard. That plan somehow changed - perhaps after the chance arrival of this video from my cousin Tom Z at lunch time that day.
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So neighbour brothers Frank and Andrew were quickly enlisted to help Hugh and Ken get the boat lift into the water. With a little ingenuity and a lot of brawn, they were successful and rather quickly too. 
Ken then headed home to Kanata on his bike - I dropped him off in Burnstown - and on my return the boat went in at the nearby boat launch, and soon afterwards arrived at our dock.
The afternoon was capped off with a lovely boat ride along the north and west shores to the far side of the lake where the water was rather choppy - apparently not uncommon for that side of the lake - and then back home and put away in the lift.
<![CDATA[Finally Spring]]>Thu, 18 Jul 2019 04:00:00 GMThttp://www.kippenhame.com/bogie-project/finally-springAfter a very long winter, spring finally arrived and we were able to turn our attention to the outside of our "lake home". 
Once the ice and snow finally melted the temporary plastic shelter was removed and we can finally see the entire road side exterior wall. Hugh also planted some grass seed which has come along very well.
The first exterior project was the deck railing. It was not at all to code (a couple of horizontal 2 x 4's).
Fortunately Tim and his (and Amy's) 2 young daughters came north to visit us in early June, and Tim was an eager participant in this project. 
First step was to remove the old railing.
Tim and Hugh then decided to remove the corner that had the large tree growing through it, in order to free the tree (and avoid having to cut that hole any bigger), and replace it with an angled edge and railing. Here they're determining how to execute this plan. There were a lot of mosquitoes so this photo is a little compromised by my unwillingness to actually go outside to take the photo.
They worked diligently on the deck all week and completed the large posts, most of the wooden framework, and a few sections of the spindles.
The girls enjoyed watching their dad and grandfather from bug free comfort.
Tim celebrated their accomplishments with a chilly swim (accompanied by Holly) on the last day. 
Hugh carried on with a little assistance from me and completed the railing.
A major change in the deck design was to remove the steps and ramp from the lake side of the deck to the dock, and relocate the dock access to the side of the deck. With the addition of a gate at that side of the deck, the deck can now be fully enclosed to corral dogs and children. (More about the dock in the next post!.)

We are delighted with the finished deck!
<![CDATA[Custom Table]]>Sat, 06 Apr 2019 04:00:00 GMThttp://www.kippenhame.com/bogie-project/custom-tableKen skipped skiing on the last day of their March break ski vacation to do some finishing work on the table that he's building for our lake home. It's now functional but still not protected - I'm told that will come later this spring, perhaps outdoors. And that a "kid" bench for the window side will follow.

Here are Ken and Harley with Ken's fine handiwork. It's spectacular!
<![CDATA[Finishing]]>Thu, 14 Mar 2019 13:39:54 GMThttp://www.kippenhame.com/bogie-project/finishingWe've accomplished a lot in preparation for Ken and family's March break stay (and ski).
We didn't quite finish the final coats of paint on all of the trim but we did complete the trim on the bedroom windows so Hugh could install the window blinds, a somewhat tedious and lengthy activity. Another great experience with Blind Depot and Decor in Ottawa.
We were invited for dinner on Sunday to belatedly celebrate Ken's March 9th 41st birthday. Ken kindly installed the TV which is the object of Luke's attention in this photo.
And there was birthday cake! A Tracey's Dairy ice cream cake for Ken, and a homemade chocolate cake for Kate to celebrate her recent late February birthday.
The kids have enjoyed playing outside after a day of skiing.
And yesterday afternoon I enjoyed an afternoon walk on the lake with Kate and Harley.
Kate also enjoyed checking out a nearby island - can you see her?
<![CDATA[Interior Trim]]>Sun, 17 Feb 2019 15:53:49 GMThttp://www.kippenhame.com/bogie-project/interior-trimHugh's trim painting project continued through January and into February, making good use of the gap in construction caused by the 4 week lead time for the delivery of the interior doors. We went with solid core doors which are special ordered from the factory by Bytown Lumber in Carleton Place. The big challenge with the trim painting project was finding space for it to be painted and dry. For a relatively small building there is a lot of trim!

​With the imminent delivery of the doors, Brian and Mitch got started on the window trim.
Then the doors were hung and it all looks fantastic.
And the fine and very functional temporary bathroom door was replaced!
We now have new seat covers for the chairs we salvaged from Ken and Michelle's cottage cast off pile last summer - the seat covers had suffered to some mildew damage. Great recovering work by Frank Cantusci Upholstery in Stittsville and chair cleaning and polishing by Hugh!

​And here's Hugh relaxing with a cup of tea and a muffin after reassembling the chairs. Holly is not so relaxed!
What's next?  Baseboards, and door painting.
Last weekend we enjoyed a walk on the lake westward towards the nearby Calabogie Peaks Ski Resort which you can see in the middle background of this photo. 
Holly and Chase enjoyed some energetic snowmobile chasing at the beginning of our walk but quickly discovered that it's a no-win exercise. They do know where their new lake home is and they led us back to it.
<![CDATA[Kitchen Completed]]>Sat, 19 Jan 2019 03:28:52 GMThttp://www.kippenhame.com/bogie-project/kitchen-completedFirst task in 2019 was the installation of the kitchen counters. ​Great job by Urban Stone of Kanata.
The plumbing was completed the next day. It looks fantastic. Again, kudos to Shawn McLachlin, the owner of SBC Kitchens (Sandy Beach Cabinetry) for a great job on the kitchen.
We welcomed visitors Wayne and Ruth Brownlee on January 13 and they volunteered to help us wash up some dishes to start filling these lovely cupboards. We didn't get very far before the water stopped!

The problem was fixed 2 days later after determining that the well head had frozen because the well is too close to bedrock. The fix involved adding some bags of sand in the well hole and sand around the top. Hugh also left a tap dripping a very small amount to force the pump to come on about every 17 minutes. So far it's still working.

Usually I'm standing around watching others work so I have lots of time to take photos. On Jan 13 I was too busy with the dishes and forget to take pictures. So here are Wayne and Ruth enjoying a walk in the forest the next day at the farm, and enjoying the beauty of a Canadian winter.
Ken, Michelle and the kids also dropped in on the 13th for lunch before putting on their ski gear and heading over to Calabogie Peaks to ski. Again, no pics!

On January 18, Hugh lugged baseboard and window and door trim materials inside in preparation for the finishing work. He intends to paint it first.
And on this beautiful day Holly, Chase and I enjoyed our first walk on the frozen lake and we got a really good look at the lake house. Too bad I can't hold the phone level!
<![CDATA[Kitchen and Much More]]>Tue, 01 Jan 2019 14:28:45 GMThttp://www.kippenhame.com/bogie-project/kitchen-and-much-moreMuch has happened at our Calabogie Lake home over the last several weeks. I've fallen behind in my blogging due to Christmas preparations, and my recovery from my hernia surgery.

Hugh made many more trips to complete the painting after the excellent start on December 1-2. We selected the same grey/blue/green and yellow shades as in our house and we're very pleased with how that's turned out.

Electrical, plumbing, gas fireplace, and heating systems are now functional with the exception of the plumbing in the kitchen.

And Ken and Mark were enlisted one Saturday to move furniture. We are fortunate to be able to use some of the lovely hand crafted wood furniture, loveseat and chair that my cousin Carl Wolff had in his retirement home suite in Arnprior. Sadly Carl died on August 29 at the age of 81. The furniture has been in our garage since September and Hugh is keen to get his truck back inside.
Ken is spearheading the effort to construct a dining table from local ash. He and Hugh have been planing the boards in our garage. They're pictured here on the sawhorses awaiting gluing.
December 19th was an exciting day for me as the kitchen cabinet installation began.
Scaffolding was back that day for installation of the ceiling fan. 
Here are cabinet makers/installers Adam at left, and Shawn McLachlin at right. Shawn is the owner of SBC Kitchens (Sandy Beach Cabinetry) and we are thrilled with the entire design process, the results and the excellent service.
The appliances also arrived that day. Once again we dealt with Scheel Furniture and Applicances in Pakenham for another enjoyable shopping experience. There's something about a store that sells appliances, furniture, meat and cheese! And they deliver to Calabogie. We went with Frigidaire in the kitchen.
I enjoyed several relaxing hours of waiting in the living area that day enjoying the lovely view and knitting.
The cabinet installation was completed the next day and due to Christmas prep I had to patiently wait until Boxing Day to see the final result. Here's Tim configuring the fridge. I love the wine rack that Shawn suggested to fill the small space to the left of the window.
Mark, Meg, little Joanna, and I worked on assembling the bunk beds. Joanna did a great job of sorting the various sized screws.
Molly, Mark and Meg's Bernese Mountain dog, came along and enjoyed the action.
We returned on December 29th, this time with Amy and baby Sarah along. Joanna tried out the bottom bunk!
Hugh also arranged for 2 new king sized memory foam beds so we're well along the way to being ready for overnight stays.
Kitchen counters and sink are scheduled for next week.

The obvious missing piece is trim and interior doors. We selected those on December 21 at Bytown Lumber in Carleton Place. There will be a 4 week wait for the solid doors we selected since they're made to order at the factory. In the interim, Hugh secured a temporary door with frame from their clearance section for the bathroom. A bargain at $40! And we lucked into a great deal on the door hardware from the clearance shelf. It didn't take long for Hugh and Tim to install the door. 
I fear that the outdoor temporary shelter for the building supplies will remain until spring because the frame is now very solidly frozen into the ground! The lovely cedar shake accents were locally sourced by Hugh.
After celebrating a very merry Christmas we wish you a Happy New Year 2019!!
<![CDATA[Painting]]>Thu, 06 Dec 2018 01:28:03 GMThttp://www.kippenhame.com/bogie-project/paintingWith the drywall done it's now everyone's favourite task - painting! Actually not their favourite but they're all in for it.

On Saturday Hugh and Ken completed almost all of the priming. Ken tackled walls and flat ceilings.
Hugh drew some of everything and the highest peak of the cathedral ceiling in the lake side combined living, dining and kitchen. The loan of the drywallers' scaffolding came in very handy.
My knee isn't sufficiently recovered to allow me to help but I did bring lunch.
It was a rare sunny day with spectacular cloud reflections on the unusually calm lake.
Painting continued on Sunday as planned, with Mark and Meg assisting Hugh.

This, despite my Saturday late night trip to the Arnprior Hospital and diagnosis of a hernia. I was sent home to sleep and prepare for further instructions in the morning, which were to go to the Queensway Carleton Hospital in west Ottawa. After a CT scan and some waiting I was wheeled into surgery at 6 PM. I was awake in recovery at 7:15 PM and left for home at 9 PM. I continue to be amazed and very grateful for our excellent healthcare system - less than 24 hours from diagnosis to fixed and back home Sunday evening. I was also grateful for plenty of company through the day on Sunday - Lyla, painters Mark, Meg and Hugh late afternoon, Ken after the surgery in the recovery room, and Hugh to drive me home. 

Sunday painters were too busy painting to take photos!

My recovery is going well and Hugh has continued to paint each day.

​And the fireplace is coming together very nicely too. If it looks familiar the "cultured" stone, pine mantel, and paint colour is the same as at the farm.
<![CDATA[Siding]]>Sat, 01 Dec 2018 05:00:00 GMThttp://www.kippenhame.com/bogie-project/sidingDespite the cold and snowy weather, the exterior is nearing completion with the addition of siding and cedar shake accents.

​A temporary plastic shelter for the building materials is blocking the far side - I'll get some better pics after it's gone, and the protective door covering is removed.
<![CDATA[Drywall]]>Mon, 26 Nov 2018 05:00:00 GMThttp://www.kippenhame.com/bogie-project/drywallThe drywall is now all up and the painstaking taping and sanding is underway. This is a big step forward on the inside as the rooms are all now well defined.

Gavin and his drywalling team were hard at work during our recent visit.
This is the view from the road side entry door towards the great room with the 2 sets of sliding doors looking out onto the deck and the lake.
This is the small bedroom/sewing room.
And one of the larger bedrooms has a  lovely view onto the lake from these corner windows. Unfortunately the camera flash is reflected off the window and blocking the lake view.
Hot water tank with the pressure tank for the well on the shelf above in the utility room.
Winter like weather persists in the Ottawa Valley with ongoing snow cover. No ice yet on our section of the lake.